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Noosa Education & Training Alliance (NETA) Local Workforce/Those Wishing to Remain or Re-enter the Workforce Survey

Your valued assistance is sought – planning a stronger, more diverse, and resilient local economy 

Please complete the following survey to assist the Noosa Education & Training Alliance (NETA) Inc. and the local business sector to understand the region’s current and future skills requirements to increase and diversify local job opportunities.

Our initial focus is to gain a better understanding of additional education and training requirements. This can ensure local businesses have access to a skilled workforce to maximise business and growth opportunities. This will also allow our residents to have access to local training and skills development to be ‘job ready’ for the jobs of the future.

Enhanced local skills and business opportunities further evolve the Noosa economy to be more diverse, high-value, resilient, and environmentally sustainable, along with generating higher-value local jobs.

We are seeking to hear from key stakeholders who will have different perspectives on these topics.

Please get involved – a stronger economy won’t just happen – we need your input

We have prepared specific questions for each stakeholder set. We acknowledge stakeholders may identify with more than one of these stakeholder sets, and we would appreciate your contribution across more than one survey, as relevant.

Our key stakeholder sets include:

This survey seeks to understand the ‘re-skilling and/or up-skilling’ opportunities being sought by the local workforce or those wishing to re-enter the workforce in Noosa.

Where do you live? Please enter a postcode
How long have you lived within this postcode?
How long do you intend to continue living within this postcode or in the Noosa area?
What is your age?
How long have you been in the workforce?
How much longer would you like to work?
For those looking to re-enter the workforce, how long have you been out of the workforce?
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